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What In The World is Going On In the Schoolhouse?

Debbie DeGroff, What’s Inside Children’s Books?

One of the books currently under fire

If your senses were jarred when you listened to the moms on the linked videos, I have more disturbing news to share. I just finished Lawn Boy. It is mild compared to many of the books specifically written for minors.

If you are concerned about profanity, the 100+ f-bombs and 100+ sh#t’s in this book pale in comparison to many of the books published for minors. The most I have found in a book targeting young adults is 1300+ f-word variations in Run the Game, by Jason Myers...

Books that would be deemed obscene by anyone who still has a conscience are commonplace in school libraries. Any type of sexual behavior is presented in graphic detail. After all there are infinite numbers of sexual identities and genders, and all these children must have books available to them in which they, personally, can identify. So say the experts.

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National Education Association (NEA): Friend or Foe?

Celina, Ohio, October 17

An example of the radical priorities of the NEA

Join us on Sunday, October 17, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

[Linda Harvey will be speaking at this event]

Join us for this gathering of educators, support staff, parents and concerned citizens for a discussion on:

PUBLIC SCHOOLS: The Past, The Present, and The Future

* PAST: a quick review
* PRESENT: today’s reality
* FUTURE: depending on us

Sponsored by:
Christian Educators Association International
Teachers Saving Children ® Inc.
Mission America

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