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The Mayor to Fire the School Board?

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Another school is caught exposing its students to X-rated material.

What were they thinking?

There’s been a huge controversy in the northeast Ohio town of Hudson, and it’s making national news.

Parents were shocked to discover that an advanced English class was using a book with outrageous material in order to find subjects to write about.

The book is called “642 Things to Write About.” It was used for what are called “writing prompts” for students for at least six years. Prompts are thought- provoking topics to inspire students to write. Well, here are some of writing prompts in this book: “Write a sex scene you would not show your mom,” “rewrite the sex scene above into one you would let your Mom read;”“ write an X-rated Disney scenario"....

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Critical Race Theory in Ohio Schools: Frequently Asked Questions

Mission America Alert

School boards throughout Ohio have heard from numerous parents who have objections to lessons and programs based on “critical race theory.” We have been very involved in these discussions and some have asked for details about our position.

Q. What is “critical race theory”?

A. Taught first on college campuses and in law schools, critical race theory views the whole of history and our society’s institutions through the lens of race, and proposes that America was founded on and is still infused with “white privilege” and “white supremacy.” Our culture is “systemically racist,” and needs to be reconstructed from the ground up. It becomes readily apparent that this position has dire implications. What does an American reconstruction look like? And is anything even close to this needed?

People are asked to view themselves and others as either “oppressors” or those who are “oppressed” (a basic tenet of Marxism) and to then embrace prejudiced views of other people based on skin color. The result is a great divide, with victimization on one hand and defensiveness on the other due to collective guilt and suspicion.

Q. How is this theory being applied in K through 12 classrooms today?...

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