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Progressive Christians’ ‘Sainting’ of RBG is Bizarre and Wrong

Peter Heck at Disrn.com

From columnist Peter Heck, writing at the excellent site,

“I'm certainly not in favor of speaking ill of the dearly departed. And if it were just the standard political puffery we should just let it slide. Everyone needs a hero. But when those wearing the name of Christ begin to associate the opinions and judgments of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to sound doctrine that makes one a 'good and faithful servant' in the eyes of Christ Jesus, someone needs to say something.”

ARTICLE continues

VOTE in Ohio!!

Here are reliable resources for voter information

Joe Biden called Christians "dregs of society" at homosexual speech. Remember this when you vote!

Friends, your vote in November has never been more important!

Please make sure you are registered to vote by October 5 and then, vote. We recommend in-person voting because of the uncertainty about mail-in ballots.

Here are some of our most trusted sources for voting information in Ohio.

As a general rule, vote Republican!

Ohio Value Voters

Buckeye Ballot

Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio


Sign Our Petition to Ohio Department of Education!

No revised history, speech codes in Ohio schools

Stand up for American heritage and liberty in education!

The Ohio State Board of Education recently passed a resolution which is more than disturbing. They are going to evaluate Ohio schools for bias, hate speech, white privilege and white supremacy. 

The conservatives tried to talk reason into the liberals on the board, but they got nowhere.

We are VERY concerned because so many leaders in education are fully on board with radical agendas, including the head of the Ohio Department of Education, Paulo DeMaria. He has expressed support for the bogus "1619 Project" which trashes the founders of America and attributes most of their actions to greed and a desire to preserve slavery.

Sign our petition objecting to teaching the inaccurate, bigoted “1619 Project” in Ohio schools:

Go HERE for more information and a link to the petition.

Please Pray, Vote... and Support Our Strong Voice for Truth!

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Linda Harvey speaks at the closing of Founders Abortion Clinic

It's been a hard year....(sigh!). We join you in wondering where our country is heading.

And sincere and fervent prayer has never been more important!

Our efforts are still going strong at Mission America, however, to keep proclaiming the truth, and we need your support, if you are able.

God bless you all. We love our donors and your involvement means so much to us.

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