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California Leads Nation in Systemic Sexualization of Children

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Harvey Milk had open relationships with teen boys in California

Sure, letís make it easier for adults to homosexually molest young teens. This makes lots of sense.

And ignores thousands of years in the track record of child corruption.

Why are we even talking about this? There are sound reasons why adults who have same sex attractions have historically been barred from access to children, and we ignore the time-honored rationale at our peril.

California, on a track to become the most self-destructive state in the union (not counting Oregon, Washington and New York) just passed a bill that weakens penalties for adults having homosexual sex with minors. Senate Bill 145 is ready for Governor Gavin Newsome to sign and by the time you read this, it may be law....

Relative to childhood innocence and sexual integrity, there are roughly 4 categories of adults with same sex attractions:

1. A small group, mostly males, has a sexual interest in prepubescent same sex children (even as these men engage in same sex relations with adults). They violate a childís innocence with no qualms.

2. A larger group is interested in same sex contact with pubescent/preteen children. Again, a conscience doesnít interfere with obsessive desires...

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School Corruption and Propaganda Calendar, 2020-21 School Year

Mission America staff

Books that promote "gender change" pushed during "LGBTQ" weeks at school

Are you sick of your children being subjected to incessant, inaccurate and dangerous messages enlisting their support foróor worse, their involvement in -- homosexuality or gender deviance? And often now, this indoctrination will be woven in with anti-racism lessons, as if sexual immorality is similar.

One option is to educate your children at home (as many are now doing) and watch carefully what lessons are suggested. You can also enroll them in a responsible Christian school. But if they are in the public schools, your children are likely to encounter one or more of the events we describe.

What can parents do? First, get the facts.

To learn about Bisexual Awareness Week, Ally Week (now called "Solidarity Week"), LGBTQ History Month and more, see our calendar HERE.  


from Mission America | Linda Harvey, President
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