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School Corruption and Propaganda Calendar

Updated for 2020-21 School Year

One of many events for students to avoid this school year!

Are you sick of your children being subjected to incessant, inaccurate and dangerous messages enlisting their support for—or worse, their involvement in -- homosexuality or gender deviance? And often now, this indoctrination will be woven in with anti-racism lessons, as if sexual immorality is similar.

One option is to educate your children at home (as many are now doing) and watch carefully what lessons are suggested. You can also enroll them in a responsible Christian school. But if they are in the public schools, your children are likely to encounter one or more of the events we describe.

What can parents do? First, get the facts.

To learn about Bisexual Awareness Week, Ally Week (now called "Solidarity Week"), LGBTQ History Month and more, see our calendar HERE.

Videos Reveal Explicit Sex Ed in Ohio and Elsewhere

Parents, get the facts!

A social media post from federally-funded sex ed group in Cleveland

Do you believe that children in Ohio schools deserve an education free of obscenity?
In Ohio, many middle and high schoolers are unfortunately subjected to explicit material whether parents know and approve or not.

And you wouldn’t know that XXX-rated material is involved if you just accept the surface-level descriptions of these programs. They are called “comprehensive sex education”—CSE-- and that sounds so sane and safe, right? Who doesn’t want children to learn something that’s supposedly “comprehensive”?

Continue to videos,

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