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FDA: Puberty Blockers Linked to Thousands of Adult Deaths

Christian Post

Drugs that are being used to halt puberty in gender-confused youth have been linked to thousands of adult deaths, government data show.

The Food & Drug Administration has recorded thousands of deaths associated with Lupron, a puberty-blocking drug that is routinely used to treat prostate cancer in men and endometriosis in women. Adverse complications related to its use include breast disorders, malignant neoplasms, and psychiatric and nervous disorders.

Lupron and other drugs in its class significantly alters the hormone levels in the body and has been documented to contribute to blood clots and other cardiovascular complications, as well as brittle bones and faulty joints.

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Campaign: Warn Physicians on Danger of "Trans" Treatments

"First Do No Harm"-- Kelsey Coalition

Young female at "pride" parade displays chest after breast removal

Friends, please send the links below far and wide. This is a very well-researched and important effort. This group is bipartisan, parents from all sides of the political spectrum, and there are some parents here with whom we might disagree on other points. But not this one-- that so-called "gender transition" medical and surgical treatments on minors is dangerous and needs to end.

Here's what Kelsey Coalition is doing:

"We are pleased to announce our latest project,"First, Do No Harm." This is Step One in our physician education and awareness campaign. There is a critical and urgent need to educate physicians about the truth...."
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