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'Banned Books Week' Protects Low Quality Trash

Linda Harvey, Mission America

You take your children to the library. What a wholesome place, brimming with sweet stories and mind-expanding ideas as kids discover the delights within the covers of a book. Oh, the love of reading! Nothing here but candy canes and lollipops.
Yet today, nothing could be further from the truth.
And I’m not even talking about 'drag queens' reading to pre-schoolers, although that horror readily assaults child innocence in many local libraries.
In one of the most diabolical tragedies of modern America, many public and school libraries dispense mental, emotional, and spiritual poison. And parents and schools are being manipulated into a “hands off” position by one carefully-crafted, accusatory word.
“Banned Books Week” is September 22- 28, the annual effort by the American Library Association and its army of leftist library drones to plant a territorial flag in the literary sand.
Parents, do not mess with us. This land is our land, and do not question what we bring before your children-- we, and our friends in self-interested publishing houses that rake in the profits while destroying a child’s dreams, ideals and sanity.
My friend and diligent book analyst Debbie DeGroff has the goods on these people. In fact, what she reveals in her new book, Between the Covers: What’s Inside a Children’s Book? is so disturbing that we need to think about libraries in a new way. 

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Freedom from LGBT March in Orlando

Three years after Pulse Shooting
The Christian Post

ORLANDO — Neither rain nor intense heat could stop hundreds of people from gathering Saturday to proclaim their freedom from homosexuality. A group of passionate millennials who call themselves “overcomers” brought the Freedom March to Florida to share how Jesus delivered them from the LGBT lifestyle.

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Linda Harvey speaks to an Ohio group on sex education

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