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Good News! There's No Bully Gene

Linda Harvey, Mission America

There’s a great report coming out of genetic research. After painstaking study, scientists have determined there is, in fact, no gene for being a bully.

No gene for being a cruel oppressor who denies the rights of others. No gene driving loudmouth Hollywood celebrities who would love to seize and silence Republicans, Christians, and the entire pro-life movement.

So praise God, there’s hope of redemption for nasty leftists, Antifa followers, Satanists—and for “LGBTQ” activists.

By the way, there’s no “gay gene” either—another recent bit of fabulous news.

In a massive study from the UK, researchers were unable to pinpoint the desperately-sought linkages between same sex attraction and genetics. Biology remains firm in its stubborn refusal to validate sodomy.

Males and females do indeed fit together nicely. Thank you, Lord.

In this study published in Science, only a smattering of uncertain genetic connections were identified in a miniscule sub-population, so tenuous that NPR has given up, indicated by the headline, “Search for ‘Gay Genes’ Comes Up Short in Large New Study.”

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