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True Manhood Takes Another Hit -- On the Football Field

Linda Harvey,WND.com

What is the mark of a real man?

First of all, a real man is grateful—to God, family and country.

Are we seeing appreciation among major sports’ figures right now? No, too many of these beneficiaries of American opportunity have decided their country is not worthy of respect or gratitude.

In heated campus discussions these days about “toxic masculinity,” we should first look at Exhibit A-- these spoiled little boys playing major league sports.

No respect for our flag and anthem? Feel free to emigrate to another country. Trump rightly rebukes these selfish athletes. Representing the father figures many of them never had, he’s telling them to go to their rooms until they can act better.

A boycott is appropriate of the teams supporting this atrocious behavior. Some, thankfully, stand for the anthem, like the Cincinnati Bengals.

If it’s about Trump as president, remember that at least half of our country still stood for the national anthem through eight years of the disastrous policies of Barack Obama.

There is no country on earth like America, despite our imperfections. Only the ignorant believe otherwise. And the foolish notion of “race” is an excuse for flagrant attention-getters. There is no nation on earth where people are treated more justly, including by law enforcement, no matter the color of their skin.

Why can’t we raise our sons better than this? The answers are not the solutions offered currently in our military or on campus.

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Great Event! AFTAH Banquet and Teach-In, October 20-21

Don't miss it
Message from Peter LaBarbera

Stephen Black

Please make plans to attend the Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) banquet and next-day "teach-in" featuring my good friend and pro-family leader Stephen Black. The 2-day event is Fri.-Sat., Oct. 20-21, 2017 — at Grace For Life Bible Church, in Naperville, IL (my home church, west of Chicago). Stephen once considered himself “gay” but now is a Christian family man and the director of First Stone Ministries, which helps people overcome homosexuality like he did. He is walking proof of the power of God to change people and help them overcome any sin, including homosexuality!

Stephen is also author of the forthcoming book, Freedom Realized, and Board Chairman of Restored Hope Network, the largest umbrella group of ex-gay Christian ministries. This will be a spectacular learning event that you will not want to miss!!

— Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH.org

Twitter: @PeterLaBarbera

Peter LaBarbera's LifeSiteNews articles: https://www.lifesitenews.com/author/peter-labarbera


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