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The Move to Repeal and Replace Christianity

Linda Harvey, WND.com

The Nashville Statement has some virulent critics who have made it plain they want to wipe out sound sexual morality in favor of “LGBT” permissiveness.

Or maybe, wipe out Christianity altogether.

We know, of course, God’s true church will never vanish. But that doesn’t prevent some rebels from hoping to repeal and replace authentic Christian belief with a cheap neopagan knock-off, hoping to fool as many as possible.

And this “repeal and replace” has dire consequences for eternal health.

The Nashville Statement’s apostate critics are drawing out the long knives.

Recently many of us read and signed on to this biblically-affirming declaration of God’s standards for sexuality, marriage and gender. A group of influential pastors and Christian leaders developed this beautifully-written, doctrinally-sound document.

But religious liberals are furious, and quickly issued anti-Christian, anti-biblical, sin-embracing responses. Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.

One statement is “Christians United,” but this sentiment bears no resemblance to Christianity. Instead, it erects a new god, constructs a new religion, and rejects the revelation of the Almighty.

This audacity of tripe is not just intellectually empty and childishly selfish, it’s blatant idolatry, and should make all believers profoundly sad.

But “LGBT” defiance within Christian circles is unfortunately alive and well. And they admit within this apostate declaration that they have indeed invented a new religion. Here’s how it’s phrased:

“Christians United stands as a faithful witness that a new day is dawning in Christianity, a day in which the Church of Jesus Christ repents of its sin of exclusion, and swings open it's [sic] doors to welcome all of God's diverse children.” 

A “new day is dawning” because the Word of God is old news, insufficient, even evil. Or, as some churches are fond of stating, “God is still speaking.”

And not coincidentally, their god tickles their ears with just what they want to hear.

Look at the phrase, “sin of exclusion.” In the eyes of these rebels, faithfulness to God is a sin.

This is not “inclusion” but replacement.

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Mom's March, September 23

Ralston Arena, Omaha, NE

It’s Time to Move a Nation!

On September 23, 2017, the mothers and daughters of America will have the opportunity to do just that at the Mom’s March for America!We need to raise the bar and raise it high!

Sponsored by HomeMakers for America, the Mom’s March for America is a national gathering of mothers centered in the Heartland of America and broadcast live across the nation via Livestream Internet and Salem Radio Omaha. This is not a physical march walking down the street, shouting and carrying signs. It is a celebration of the biggest cultural movement happening in America - the march that mothers make every day in their homes, neighborhoods, and businesses as they nurture their families, influence their communities, and shape our nation.

Nationally recognized Moms in political advocacy, media and ministry will be speaking at the march as we unite together to shine a light on the powerful influence of mothers on our nation.

A terrific line-up of speakers is scheduled.

For more information, go to Mom's March.  

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