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Children as Human Shields in Loudoun County

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Scott Smith, dad of assaulted daughter, arrested at Loudoun County school board meeting

Girls need protective dads. So do boys. God designed fathers with the instinct to defend and stand in the gap for their children, and those who would mischaracterize or dishonor that motive are not to be trusted.
Loudoun County, Virginia is emerging as the American epicenter of official school corruption and deceit, and the facts become more disturbing the closer we look. And in a heated Virginia political climate, subterfuge is metastasizing day by day. Instead of guarding children and focusing on academics, this school district may be civilly, possibly criminally liable for putting left-wing agendas over student safety.
Kids essentially have become human shields for progressive politics.
The National School Boards Association is now walking back its heinous “parents are domestic terrorists” letter that the White House helped them draft, a tool deployed by Merrick Garland to summon the FBI on parents if needed. And a now infamous incident in Loudoun County was one of the “threats of violence” cited by the NSBA in that letter.
The incident involved a dad standing up for his sexually-assaulted daughter. Is that a problem for the FBI? The White House?
Never get in the way of the “LGBTQ” agenda, is one big message

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ACTION ALERT: Call to End Racially Divisive Lessons in Ohio

From Ohio Value Voters

Past President of National Education Association supports racially divisive lessons

The State Board of Education has rescinded Ohio State Board of Education Resolution 20.

This is GOOD NEWS, but the new resolution will not keep Critical Race Theory out of Ohio schools.


Ohio Value Voters urges you to call Speaker of the Ohio House Bob Cupp and urge the passage of House Bill 327. This bill will provide penalties for any school district teaching this divisive material to children.

Please call Speaker Cupp at 614.466.9624 and request that H.B.327 pass the Ohio House.

For background, read article about Critical Race Theory in Ohio Schools,

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