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White Bias Resolution at Ohio State Board of Ed is Rescinded

A victory with more work ahead

The NEA also promotes divisive politics

Your calls and emails have worked! On October 13, 2021, the Ohio State Board of Education rescinded an explosive resolution passed last summer in the heat of racial hysteria.

The July 2020 resolution, “To Condemn Racism and To Advance Equity and Opportunity for Black Students, Indigenous Students and Students of Color” condemned what they called “white supremacy culture” and called for training in school districts on “implicit bias” and for schools to examine their own school cultures, top to bottom, looking for such bias.

That resolution was just rescinded and replaced with one entitled, “Resolution to Promote Academic Excellence in K-12 Education for Each Ohio Student Without Prejudice or Respect to Race, Ethnicity or Creed.” The new resolution places emphasis on academics and “condemns any standards, curriculum or training programs for students, teachers or staff, that seek to divide or ascribe circumstances or qualities, such as collective guilt, moral deficiency, or racial bias to a whole race or group of people.”

The original resolution passed 12-5. The repeal passed 10-7. There are 11 appointed board members and 8 elected. Several members did not vote.

Here’s what the media reported:

“Ohio's State Board of Education repealed an anti-racism resolution Wednesday night and replaced it with one condemning any teachings that ‘seek to divide.’

Supporters of the new resolution say it sends a much better message to local school districts about how they should approach difficult issues like racism and slavery.

To read more,

Call Now! Let's Pass Ohio House Bill 327 to Eliminate Divisive Teaching

Go to Ohiohouse.gov

Rep. Diane Grendell

Our next task is to pass Ohio House Bill 327. It needs a vote out of committee and onto the House floor, then on to the Ohio Senate.

Sponsors are Sarah Fowler-Arthur (District 99) and Diane Grendell (District 76) and there are 34 co-sponsors.

The bill eliminates divisive teaching in Ohio schools or training in Ohio agencies that imply that one race or ethnicity is superior or inferior to another, or that anyone should be automatically considered guilty or victimized because of skin color. It does NOT prohibit fact-based teaching about the racial issues in America's past.

Call or email your legislator today!  

Critical Race Theory in Ohio Schools: Frequently Asked Questions

Mission America Alert-- Updated with New Information

Let's end the divisive agendas at school!

UPDATE: New action at Ohio State Board of Education rescinds the racist policy passed in 2020. See more details below.

School boards throughout Ohio have heard from numerous parents who have objections to lessons and programs based on “critical race theory.” We have been very involved in these discussions and some have asked for details about our position.

Q. What is “critical race theory”?

A. Taught first on college campuses and in law schools, critical race theory views the whole of history and our society’s institutions through the lens of race, and proposes that America was founded on and is still infused with “white privilege” and “white supremacy.” Our culture is “systemically racist,” and needs to be reconstructed from the ground up. It becomes readily apparent that this position has dire implications. What does an American reconstruction look like? And is anything even close to this needed?

To read complete article,
go HERE.  

NEA: Friend or Foe:

Celina, Ohio, Sunday, October 17

Linda Harvey will be speaking at this event.

Join us for this gathering of educators, support staff, parents and concerned citizens for a discussion on:

PUBLIC SCHOOLS: The Past, The Present, and The Future.
* PAST: a quick review
* PRESENT: today’s reality
* FUTURE: depending on us

Sponsored by:

Christian Educators Association International
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Mission America

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