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Dangerous, Heartbreaking Lessons in Ohio Middle Schools

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Syntero sends students to porn-laden "information" sites

Any wise parent with a child in public school has already figured out that sometimes you are being deceived.

(Warning: explicit content)

Enter the world of “comprehensive sex education” (CSE) and the embedded lies meant to conceal the overt sexualization of adolescents.

In Ohio, numerous school districts have a relationship with a large counseling group called Syntero. One of Syntero’s services is a sexuality education program their representatives teach called “Healthy Bodies/Healthy Futures.” The contents are deeply disturbing, dangerous, even possibly criminal.

A video outlining the serious problems with Syntero lessons is being distributed by the Protect Ohio Children coalition.

For instance, in the packet given to middle school children, the list of “Online and Reliable Sex Ed Resources” includes websites Bedsider and Scarleteen, both of which promote high-risk, promiscuous sex in explicit posts.

Bedsider recently featured a front-page column, “Frisky Fridays: Sex in the time of Coronavirus” which included a priority list. Number 1 was this: “Skip the sex parties. This is definitely not the time for group sex.” (Many middle schoolers need this guidance, apparently?)

Syntero’s “reliable resource” Scarleteen gives young students advice about “DIY Sex Toys,” including how to make a harness, restraints or a “flogger” for sexual sadism. This article talks in detail about spanking and other activities of “BDSM” (bondage-dominance-sadism-masochism).

So would most parents consider this “medically accurate” and “age appropriate”? Does this lead to practicing “healthy behaviors”?

ARTICLE continues

VIDEO: Syntero Corruption of Ohio Students

Protect Ohio Children Coalition

Syntero resource "Bedsider" is vulgar and graphic

In this video, parents, medical professionals and law enforcement veterans expose the vile, possibly criminal content of the material being taught in Ohio middle and high schools by the Syntero counseling organization.

Its sex ed program is named "Health Bodies/Healthy Futures" and includes only pro-promistuity, pro-abortion and porn-laden sites. Students are given no pro-life, truly abstinence- focused material or resources.

To watch the Protect Ohio Children video,
go HERE.  

SIGN Petition to REMOVE Syntero Sex Ed from Schools

Ohio Students Need Education, not Obscenity

Very harmful lessons are underway in Central Ohio schools. These sexuality education lessons are presented by a group called Syntero, and they are often called “Healthy Bodies/Healthy Futures.” Syntero claims these lessons, presented to both middle and high schoolers, are “age appropriate and medically accurate.” Yet neither claim is true. In fact, the dangerous, XXX-rated messages included in these lessons are not only medically/socially/emotionally high-risk, but also fit the profile of criminal corruption of children as defined in the Ohio Revised Code.

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from Mission America | Linda Harvey, President
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