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5 Reasons People Don't Trust the Media on Homosexual Issues

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Attorney for ADF talks reality and truth at Supreme Court

Old habits are hard to break. And the mainstream media has been inaccurately reporting about homosexuality and gender confusion for a long time.

A “progressive” takeover of journalism schools and professional “standards” often drive the bold-faced lies. The overreach is desperately deceptive and most Americans recognize the constant propaganda as undisguised manipulation.

The reporting about the October 8 Supreme Court oral arguments on the Harris funeral home case illustrates the point. So let’s use this event and look at the five major flaws in mainstream media “LGBT” reporting.

1. Visuals present one side only

Virtually every photo displayed by major media outlets from October 8th demonstrations at the Supreme Court featured homosexuals and “trans” supporters, like “Civil Rights for All!” (with rainbow colors). Where were the images of truth, those standing bravely for sanity and against sexual tyranny? They were present and visible but you’d never know it from mainstream optics.

The AP/Washington Post report featured a photo of signs reading, “Don’t Roll Back Our Rights,” “Stop Trump” and “Discrimination is not Religious Freedom.” The New Yorker: “Protect LGBT Workers!” with a huge rainbow flag.

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Between the Covers

What's in a Children's Book?

Detailed, well-written, disturbing book by Debbie DeGroff

If you are concerned about the reading material currently available for youth, you should be! And here is the ammunition you need to protect your children.

Debbie DeGroff has done a wonderful job with a very unpleasant subject: revealing the dumbed-down, vulgar, obscene, dark and negative content of way too many books routinely offered to children in libraries today.

You must get a copy and read for yourself. If parents and grandparents are armed with the truth, we can steer our kids through the turbulence of our current culture, and look for much more positive literature for their developing hearts and minds.

Go to Debbie's website HERE for more details.  

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