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Sneaky Bill Would Mandate Ohio School Health Standards

Call now to say NO!

Call now! Say NO to this sneaky bill that would open the door to inaccurate, immoral sexual indoctrination of Ohio children. [See full article for phone numbers.]

Senate Bill 121 is moving quickly through the Ohio Senate Education Committee and we need to stop this bill. It seems well-intentioned, but will be a convenient tool opening the door to radical, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual “comprehensive sex education” (CSE) in Ohio schools.

How will that happen? These “standards” are so vague that you can drive a truck through them, and hardly mention anything about “health” at all. The actual lessons, with textbook selection, will be constructed behind closed doors by unelected government officials.

Do we want liberal bureaucrats influenced by the far-left teachers’ unions choosing health material—including sex education—for Ohio students?

The current bill is written to include the current “abstinence only” mandate in the Ohio Revised Code, so everything is great, right? Not so fast. First of all, we know that, RIGHT NOW, numerous Ohio schools have already ejected abstinence teaching in favor of obscene CSE teaching.

Ohio Value Voters has put together a massive report exposing the outrageous lessons and flagrant violation of Ohio law. Go HERE for this blockbuster report.

ARTICLE continues, including contact phone numbers,

School Propaganda & Corruption Calendar

Mission America

"Ally Week" is a school "LGBT" observance-- radical misinformation!

Is October "LGBT History Month" at your child's school?

And will "Transgender Awareness Week" be observed in your child's class in November?

For a complete list of all the outrageous "LGBTQ" days, weeks and months that your child may face at school without your consent ( or an opposing, truthful viewpoint) go to our full list, HERE.  


from Mission America | Linda Harvey, President
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