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Children Drawn to Satanism? What?

by Linda Harvey, WND.com

You may think you don’t have time to deal with your child’s obsession with astrology, weird Internet games, horror movies or dark-themed music. Or that new book about cool teens who are witches.

Don’t dismiss it as just a phase. You need to make time and make some changes. Their lives and yours could turn into a living hell if you don’t.

Two middle schoolers in central Florida were just arrested after officials discovered their plot to stab and kill other students, drink their blood and then kill themselves.

The girls, ages 11 and 12, brought knives and pizza cutters to school. The pair revealed they had recently watched Halloween horror movies, and were fans of “Slenderman.”

It’s not the first time the online fictional character “Slenderman” was cited as the influence behind violent plots by middle school girls against classmates. In 2014, two Wisconsin 12- year -old girls stabbed a girl classmate. The girl survived despite multiple stab wounds. The attackers were both sentenced to mental institutions.

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