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Will Pro-SPLC Media Robots Be Held Accountable?

Linda Harvey, WND.com

SPLC executive Mark Potok

The media’s propaganda campaign serving the Southern Poverty Law Center just hit close to home in my state, Ohio. A recent hit piece in the Columbus Dispatch stunningly displayed misplaced trust in the SPLC’s radical, bigoted profit machine.

Citizens for Community Values (CCV) is a leading Christian family policy organization, led to a position of prominence in Ohio and the national political scene over the last two decades by former president Phil Burress. Following Burress’ recent retirement, the group tapped promising newcomer, Aaron Baer, to fill some very big shoes.

This group’s hard work and dedication to families deserves far better than the treatment given by the Dispatch, which sent out this Tweet about CCV prior to an event on October 8: “Is the organization sponsoring tonight’s GOP gubernatorial forum a ‘hate group’?”

And the paper followed up with a Sunday headline article, citing the SPLC as its source for the smear label. CCV landed on the SPLC infamous hate list years ago while standing against same sex “marriage” and the harmful behavior of homosexuality.

This same hit list was used as a map by one wannabe mass murderer and publicly admired by another.

Creating controversy does get some clicks for a dying paper. But thankfully, many Dispatch readers found the reporter’s tactic to be underhanded and irresponsible, with numerous comments like this one: “To cite the Southern Poverty Law Center as credible is ludicrous. You can do better and should do better Dispatch.”

Another reader wrote, “Sheer ignorance when quoting SPLC. Do some research people. Get to know the SPLC for what it is. Very dangerous.”

Apparently SPLC could care less. They peddle their bigotry and they are sticking to it.

And predictably, a major network had one takeaway from last week’s Values Voter Summit—shock that a flyer about homosexual health risks was included in the attendee packet.

NBC News was outraged that Trump spoke to a group where a flyer promoting Mass Resistance’s important resource, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality, was part of every registrant’s packet.

But NBC provided this justification for its dismay: “The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated MassResistance a hate group since 2008.”

Oh, then blatant distortion is okay. America can trust SPLC, right? Well, no. Apparently NBC did not get the memo.

SPLC is being exposed as a group of faith-baiting frauds and frankly, seditious, anti-American revolutionaries.

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There's Still Time to Sign up for AFTAH banquet/Teach-in

Friday and Saturday, October 20 and 21

Denise Shick of Help4Families will address AFTAH Teach-In

It's not too late to make plans to attend the Americans for Truth week-end, October 20 and 21.

Please make plans to attend the Americans For Truth banquet and next-day teach-in featuring pro-family leader Stephen Black, Oct. 20-21, 2017 — at Grace For Life Bible Church, in Naperville, IL (west of Chicago). Stephen once considered himself “gay” but now is a Christian family man and the director of First Stone Ministries, which helps people overcome homosexuality like he did. He is also author of the forthcoming book, Freedom Realized, and Board Chairman of Restored Hope Network, the largest umbrella group of ex-gay Christian ministries.

And on Saturday, Oct. 21, Denise Shick, founder and executive director of Help4Families will be speaking. Shick’s father revealed to her when she was just nine years old that he wanted to become a “woman,” then asked her not to tell her own mother. Her ministry today was birthed by her many years of dealing with the pain and trauma of such emotional abuse at the hands of her own gender-confused dad.

For more information and to register, go HERE.  

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