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Is Gender Insanity Waning?

Linda Harvey, WND.com

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has, praise God, overturned the lawless policy that U.S. civil rights law protected gender confusion. New DOJ guidance will allow First Amendment religious rights to prevail over narrow, anti-freedom agendas.

Do we dare hope that a new era of sanity is dawning?

Sessions just issued sweeping directives to ensure conscience protection by government agencies. Many lawyers will remain employed in the coming years as lawsuits from opponents pile up, of course. But promising indicators remain.

For instance, there are reports of females who desperately long to be… females.

Also males who want to be males, requesting surgery to make this happen.

It’s the trend toward reversal of sex “reassignment” surgery. Such an option still offends many on the left, who dig in their heels and continue to push unisex bathroom laws and bans on therapy to overcome “transgender” delusions and same sex attraction.

An increase in people seeking a return to their birth gender is reported in Europe. A renowned “sex change” surgeon in Serbia noted more requests for complicated and expensive reversal surgery.

A young boy in Australia recently received international publicity for wanting to be a boy. After several years of estrogen, he no longer wants to pretend to be a girl.

Why is this controversial? The default response of every human should be a longing to be that natural woman or man as nature intended.

Aren’t liberals supposed to be flexible? If they were, Attorney General Sessions would not need to clarify the preeminence of religious freedom for Americans.

But a rigid adherence to identity politics ties the typical leftist in knots.

Secretly, a social liberal is often a mess, exhausted from the convoluted mental and spiritual energy needed to reconcile the nonsense of pretense.

For instance, a monumental amount of hard work went into passing California’s radical SB 219, a law where males can become roommates with females in nursing homes at will, thanks to Governor Jerry Brown’s signature on a measure which flagrantly assaults privacy and religious freedom.

If a California nursing home employee calls a gender rebel by the wrong pronoun, the penalty could be heavy fines or even jail.

The lengths to which the left will go to police their masquerade turns ordinary life into a high wire act. So it only makes sense that a few are hesitantly trying a different approach-- reason.

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