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Harmful Effects of Social Emotional Learning: What Parents Need to Know

Mission America alert

Intrusive surveys promoting leftist ideology are common tools of SEL

Have you wondered about this nebulous school framework called "social emotional learning"? It's often not a separate program or lesson, but can show up in any subject area, in homeroom surveys and in a wealth of other intrusive ways. 
Do you want schools to become the de facto parents and psychologists for your children, gathering detailed information (and judgments) that follow them throughout their school lives? 
Do you want a ready-made vehicle for radical re-shaping of your child's moral views, political views, and faith?
This is how SEL works. Parents need to become informed and watch for it in your schools. It's often justified by behavioral problems, lowering stress, etc. but that's just the tip of the iceberg.


Critical Race Theory: Frequently Asked Questions --YES, it is in our schools!

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Shouldn't we unite our children instead of dividing them?

We keep hearing, "Critical race theory is not being taught in schools!" Oh, really?
Then why did the National Education Association pass a resolution this past July to promote CRT in America's schools?

Learn all about that and more in our article, "Critical Race Theory: Frequently Asked Questions"

Media pundits, well-funded non-profits (spouting the left's agenda) and education leaders will swear they encounter NONE of this racially divisive teaching in schools....but they are either misinformed or lying.

We have specific examples in Ohio and other schools listed in our helpful position paper.

Please SHARE widely with all the parents and grandparents you know. You may feel free to duplicate and hand out at meetings.


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