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Protect Ohio Children prioritizes child well-being and achievement in school

Linda Harvey, Editorial for Cleveland Plain-Dealer

Parents reject radical agendas at school

CLEVELAND -- The energy in local school communities is making national headlines, and much of it arises from parents who bring legitimate questions before school boards. Protect Ohio Children is an Ohio network of parents and small community groups equipping each other to evaluate school programs on the issues of comprehensive sexuality education, social emotional learning, and programs derived from critical race theory. We are all-volunteer -- we have no paid staff and a modest budget -- yet the need for this mutual support has become extremely evident, so many Ohioans are rolling up their sleeves to contribute to this effort….

Yet some are mischaracterizing this exchange as “attacking” teachers and board members. Our organization in no way condones actual harassment or violence, and when that occurs on any side of these issues, local law enforcement authorities not only can but should be consulted. But parents are not terrorists when they ask questions and call for accountability. Also, frank dialogue is not harassment. If schools would return to their core mission — high academic standards — school board meetings would return to being routine and humdrum.

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How About That Election? Good news!

Linda Harvey, Mission America

November 2 was a momentous day for Christian and conservative values, and for regaining something we have been missing for a year—hope for the political future of our country.
The election of so many conservatives throughout the country was tremendously encouraging. Conservatives will now occupy top offices in Virginia, including the governor‘s office. A black Jamaican immigrant woman, a Republican and former Marine, will become lieutenant governor there. This is a state that had become solidly Democrat in recent years, but hopefully that is changing.
Because people are fed up with the radical agenda of the left, and in Virginia, recent events at school board meetings did seem to open a lot of eyes about the direction the Democrats want to take our country.
One big takeaway is that the election seemed for the most part to be fair and honest, which was one of the most disheartening outcomes of November 2020. There were a few questions this year in Fairfax, Virginia and in New Jersey, but we can hope these are thoroughly investigated before the next election and corrections made where needed.
There is much good news to report in Ohio. We elected a solid conservative in Congressional district 15, Mike Carey, and managed to avoid electing a radical pro-abortion candidate, Democrat Alison Russo. And there were so many victories in local races. Not every conservative school board candidate won, but many did, and this is the momentum we need to perhaps finally hold these schools accountable and see some changes made.
Mission America is part of the network called Protect Ohio Children (www.protectohiochildren.net ) and recently I had the opportunity to write an editorial for the Cleveland Plain Dealer talking about the energy at the local school board level and what is motivating so many of us to expose the agendas of critical race theory, social emotional learning, and comprehensive sex education.
Remember Protect Ohio Children as a resource and also, www.missionamerica.com when you encounter inaccurate claims about CRT and other radical issues. Our position is not racist, but the opposite. We are trying to persuade schools to recapture the standards of Martin Luther King, that equality means NOT judging someone on the basis of skin color, but instead on the content of one’s character. The current racial agenda wants to shove this aside and judge everyone based on skin color. Do any of us want our kids taught such defeatist and divisive ideas? No.
Please join me in continuing to educate others and as that happens, and as we cry out to the Lord, we can truly turn America around.

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Linda Harvey, President

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