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Substitute "LGBTQ" Bill In Ohio House is WORSE

Female "sex" will now include confused males

Linda Harvey testifies at Ohio Statehouse

The tricks are so predictable, but the advocates of homosexuality and gender confusion— including at least one Ohio Republican — did it again.

A hearing on Thursday, Nov. 19 for House Bill 369— the so-called Ohio “Fairness Act”— was one of the first opportunities opponents-- pro-family Ohioans-- had to testify against adding deviant behaviors to Ohio civil rights law.

But the first action of the committee that morning was to adopt a substitute bill which none of those gathered had previously seen. In a quick glance at Sub. House Bill 369, it’s worse than the original, and included sweeping changes to the Ohio Revised Code’s definition of “sex discrimination."

See the Sub bill HERE. The original bill is HERE.

See our Talking Points about the original bill HERE.

Responding to the US Supreme Court decision this summer, the Bostock case, the new bill aims to apply “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” under any reference to “sex discrimination” in Ohio law.

In other words, “sex” in Ohio law would now include men who want to be women, among other convoluted and unfair applications. Many of us cried foul right away. This is the discredited, invalid Obama-era spin, that boys belong in girls’ restrooms under Title IX law.

No, girls are still girls and boys are not. Title IX was intended to develop girls’ athletic programs. It was not intended as a gender deception so that boys could win girl tournaments.

This substitute bill is even worse than the original.

If you’d like to watch Linda Harvey's testimony on HB 369, it’s at this link, beginning at around 1:36:00— go HERE.

The hearing brought some very good news, however. Many Ohio pastors showed up testify in numbers never before elicited by this bill or its many predecessors. They represented congregations from north central Ohio, the Dayton area and elsewhere.

See the story below for more about the north Ohio pastors and their strong, principled stand against this bill.

Do we want homosexuality and gender confusion to be civil rights in Ohio? Of course not. CALL your representatives today and say this: “Please do NOT support House Bill 369 or its new substitute version. We do not want these harmful behaviors to become protected classes under Ohio law.”

Here are three key people to call and leave your name and county if you get voicemail:

(1) Speaker Bob Cupp (614) 466-9624
(2) Chairman Steve Hambley (614) 466-8140
(3) Majority Floor Leader Bill Seitz (614) 466-8258

Ohio Pastors Testify Against SOGI Bill

From Frontlines Ohio

COLUMBUS — Last last week the Ohio House Civil Justice Committee announced there would be a hearing on House Bill 369, giving opponents of the controversial sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) bill a chance to stand up and be counted. In testimony submitted to the Committee, there was no ‘sitting on the fence’ for pastors hailing from the Buckeye Bible Belt.

The Bible lays parameters and boundaries for how we are to best live our life,” says Pastor Robert Kurtz, one of the clergy who testified at the Statehouse. “We would do well to follow GOD’S standard.”

In written testimony, a band of clergymen representing one hundred congregations from North Central Ohio drove home the point there is no justification to add special privileges to one group while emasculating the First Amendment.

ARTICLE continues


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