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Another Hateful Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

Report: Christian Pastors, Others Defamed by PP Halloween Auction

PP's Halloween "slave" auction-- Photo credit: ActivistMommy.com

Okay, friends, we reported to you last week about the pro-deviance, obscene Planned Parenthood fundraisers being held across the country, the most recent in Olympia, Washington. See our story below.

But how low can they go? Here's the report of another one in Spokane, Washington. From the Christian Post:

"Pastors and Christian activists known for protesting Planned Parenthood and Drag Queen Story Hour events were ridiculed and mocked at a fundraiser for the abortion giant.
"An activist group organized... the Oct. 30 Halloween themed drag show fundraiser that included an auction featuring giant cardboard cutouts of area Christians known to protest Drag Queen Story Hour events. The event also took aim at local pastors who are frequently seen praying outside Planned Parenthood abortion facilities, according to Anna Bohach, founder of 500 Mom Strong..."

ARTICLE continues

Parents Stand Strong, Planned Parenthood Holds Obscene Fundraisers

Linda Harvey, Mission America

When I consider the long-term well-being of our children and what they are taught at school, my first thought always goes to pole-dancing. How about you?

Planned Parenthood apparently thinks this way. A fundraiser called “Femme Fest” is being held in Olympia, Washington by the Northwest and Hawaii Planned Parenthood political action group, and it’s labeled a “sex education information” evening.

ARTICLE continues

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