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We Give Praise for the Lord's Many Blessings

Praise God for all His gracious provision during times of plenty and times of need. Thank you, Lord, for how You walk us through it all!

As you gather with your family this Thanksgiving, join our family in raising up praises to the Lord Jesus and the most important blessing of all: salvation for our sins through His death and resurrection.

Happy Thanksgiving!  

Thankful for America's Christian Warriors

Linda Harvey, WND.com

Jack Phillips

Are we the body of Christ? If so, there should be a little more respect for one appendage of the body—those called to serve in politics and confront evil in our culture.

There are, of course, better and worse ways to do this, but let’s look at some recent examples of heroism, people who keep speaking the truth in a powerful way despite continuous slings and arrows.

Unfortunately, some of those attacks come from within the faith. Still, I am so thankful for those who persevere in spite of naysayers.

First on my list would be Franklin Graham. As president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and head of Samaritan’s Purse, his plate is already full and would seemingly satisfy the biblical instruction to “love your neighbor.”

But Franklin Graham has chosen to use his highly influential position to speak out and confront head-on some of the most insidious movements of our day: homosexual activism, Islamic radicalism, men in women’s restrooms, and X-rated sex education.

He could have remained mute—as too many Christian leaders are choosing to do-- but he has not, and in every case, he has boldly taken very public and controversial stands on marriage, morality, families, and American freedom.

I know I speak for thousands of American believers, maybe more, in saying that when I feel discouraged, it’s often Franklin Graham’s clarity and courage that bring me a renewed focus and zeal to remain in this fight...

In early December, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case that may be the Roe v. Wade of this century. The plaintiff is cake artist Jack Phillips, who turned down the request of two men for a homosexual union cake. By all reports, Phillips is an unassuming but noble husband and father, who honored Christ with his occupation and as a result has spent five years fighting Colorado judiciary misbehavior, harassment by aggressive sexual anarchists, and the personal stress his unwitting notoriety has brought. Yet he represents the everyday heroes the Lord raises up for such a time as this.

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Christians and Civil Disobedience

Stephen Martin

What does the Scripture teach us about times when the legislative acts of a government might conflict with Judeo-Christian morality, and times when the requests from citizens on businesses might conflict with the values and convictions of the owners of those businesses? Let’s begin with Scriptures concerning the actions of governments.

Examples of Defiance

Exodus 1:15-2:6. The Hebrew midwives revered God and disobeyed the king by refusing to kill the newborn infant boys. Then the king gave another order to throw the newborn boys into the Nile River. One of the Hebrew women resisted this order and, instead, hid her child...
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Stephen Martin received his Master of Divinity degree from Nazarene Theological Seminary in 1983. He currently works for Echoing Hills Village – a Christian ministry that serves people with developmental disabilities. He is also a part-time pastor. In addition, he has worked for Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center – a counseling and rehabilitation ministry for victims of spiritual abuse.


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