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Linda Harvey, WND.com

In the wake of the sex assault scandals of Weinstein, Spacey and others, the movie about pederasty in Hollywood, “An Open Secret,” is suddenly getting the attention it deserves.

Is Hollywood’s tolerance of predators about to end? Or will prominent deviants continue using children for selfish purposes?

The sexual violation of a child is among a parent’s most persistent fears.

And sad to say, the risk is exploding, even outside Hollywood. Our national depravity meter is off the charts, with children in the cross hairs—child porn, explicit sex ed, teacher misbehavior, sexting, youth recruited for “pride” parades, gross TV shows and movies, vulgar music, undesirable peer influence.

Yet it’s still possible to navigate this Niagara and protect children, if parents are serious. This road may require sacrifice, public confrontation, the strain of extra vigilance on over-taxed schedules, and heated family debates if everyone’s not on board.

Do you understand the threat? Does your spouse?

Here’s my list of child protection priorities:

1. Public school? Really? This is where official “grooming” of children --- preparing them to accept molestation when it happens -- is becoming business as usual.

Franklin Graham just issued a serious warning for parents after learning about the sex education outrage at an Oklahoma middle school:

"Parents beware and listen up-- here's an example of how dangerous our public schools have become for our children. This Oklahoma middle school was teaching 7th and 8th graders topics in their sex education class including mutual masturbation, oral, vaginal and anal sex as the '4 types' of sex."

If you have no choice but the anti-Christian, anti-morality bias of public education, you must pledge to be constantly vigilant and stand up against programs that sexually molest your child’s mind and heart. If you don’t, you will see your precious child change before your eyes and this corruption is deliberate.

Virtually all so-called “comprehensive sexuality education” programs are shockingly explicit and harmful.

2. Monitor the adults. Who’s influencing your child? Who are these people? It’s critical to find out. Trusting parents have discovered to their horror that educators, babysitters, coaches and others are sometimes deviants in disguise.

In Dublin, OH, social studies teacher and track coach Gregory Lee was indicted for a sexual relationship with a female student. There had been complaints about him for most of the 22 years of his employment.

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