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All Eyes on Texas -- Let's Protect Children!

Mission America alert

Texas Rally to Urge Lawmakers to Ban Child Mutilation

In Texas, a fierce battle is raging to protect children from mutilating treatments and surgery disguised as "gender re-assignment," which is impossible. We need to STOP the "transgender" movement and its destructive impact on children.

A deadline is looming for the Texas Senate to act on Senate Bill 1311 before the legislature adjourns for the summer.

This bill would rightly identify these treatments as child abuse and calls for criminal penalties for those administering them. Texas Mass Resistance including Tracy Shannon as well as many other groups have been involved in putting pressure right now on Republicans, who have been slow to act.

But there's still time.

If you live in Texas, please CALL your representatives and urge them to support this bill. And please FORWARD this alert to everyone you know.  

Upper Arlington (OH) School Board Meeting Explodes with Parent Complaints

Neutral Bathrooms and more are the issues

From Ohio Value Voters:
Across the state, tax-payers and parents continue to line up at the microphone to blast inept school officials. The latest convergence was in Central Ohio when the Upper Arlington School Board meeting took place on May 11th.

One speaker after another chastised the Superintendent and Board members for the collapse of the district's standing in state-wide performance rankings and for their misguided priorities away from academics.

The Upper Arlington school district has literally gone to court to build new same-sex bathroom facilities during the global pandemic.

Watch these courageous parents and tax-payers tell the School Board NO!

To WATCH the video, go HERE.  

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