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When Voters Understand 'LGBTQ' Agenda, Most Say 'No'

Linda Harvey, Mission America

What kind of love are we talking about?

It’s not a secret that activists driving “LGBTQ” rights in America are grand manipulators of public opinion, policy and facts.

So when it comes to polls on this subject, it turns out that depth of voter understanding is key. When Americans comprehend the outcome of granting homosexual or transgender policy demands, most respond with a resounding “no.”

This became apparent in several recent polls in Ohio and Arizona when respondents were asked about the impact of gender identity policy on women and children. In Ohio, a poll conducted by Citizens for Community Values by the Resolute Group surveyed 800 registered Ohio voters in March 2020. This poll included a question new to recent public polling, and the responses should strike terror into the hearts and goals of gender-bending activism.

When asked about cross-sex hormones prescribed to minor children for the purposes of gender change, an overwhelming 73.3% in Ohio oppose this practice. So recent bills that would ban these mutilating treatments for children, such as H.B. 513 in Ohio and similar legislation in other states, would be supported by most voters. Only 13.6% supported this practice, with others undecided.

In Arizona, a poll of 600 likely voters by Resolute last December did not ask that question but did ask this one:

"These non-discrimination laws have also had the effect of threatening the safety and privacy of women and girls by giving biological males access to gender-specific locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms. With the potential effects of these laws in mind, would you support or oppose passing this same type of law in Arizona?”

Opposing such laws were 63% of respondents; those who would support such laws were 23.8%. In Ohio, a similar question yielded these responses: 67.3% opposing, with 20.0% supporting.

Would it be fair to assume that most of the thinking, voting public is not impressed with the claims of gender change advocates when provided specifics about a law’s impact?

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from Mission America | Linda Harvey, President
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