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Middle School Club Gets GLSEN "Respect" Award

Homosexual club was the first in Hawaii

In your face attitude of defiance expressed by confused middle schoolers

Vulnerable children, some as young as 11 or 12, are offered the chance to be affirmed in same sex attractions or gender confusion, all in the name of "social justice. This is the abhorrent mind game played by GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, in its support of "LGBTQ" clubs in schools all over America.

And tolerance? It's a joke, as these children quickly learn to hate the saving power of Jesus Christ, and the freedom He would give any of them from sin. But they learn that our objections to the sins of homosexuality and gender rebellion are "ignorance."

Children have to be taught to hate, and now it's in the name of "social justice."

On May 19, GLSEN held its annual "Respect" Awards event, this year online. An award was given to the Rainbow Royales, a "gay-straight alliance" club at Ilima Intermediate School in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, in the Honolulu area. This middle school club promoting homosexual and gender confused identities and behaviors brags that it was the first in a middle school in that state.

Such an achievement...or not, if you are concerned about the long-term welfare of children. The club's advisor has also been honored and she has her own progressive agenda (see story below).

To see the video of the club's award, where the kids themselves make a fund-raising pitch to continue GLSEN's child-endangering work, go

Truth-Free "Safe Space" Sign Drew Confused Kids to This Teacher

She became advisor to award-winning GLSEN school club

A "safe space" is where authentic Christian truth is "unsafe."

She's a proud teachers' union member and posted a "safe space" sign on her door. So students unfortunately looking to revive the "gay-straight alliance" at this Hawaii middle school recruited her to be their advisor.

A "safe space" is a manipulative trick devised by homosexual activists, notably GLSEN, two decades ago. The idea is that if you as a student are bullied over real or perceived homosexuality or gender confusion, this is a place-- classroom, office, etc.-- where you not only won't be bullied (a good thing), but adults won't allow the truth to interfere with your delusions.

In fact, we will keep you "safe" from those who might make you doubt that you should go down the road of same sex relationships. Or make you pause before signing up for chemical castration or mutilating gender surgery. Those opinions are "unsafe" and you can feel free to ignore them and hold such people in contempt.

And this, friends, is the tragic brainwashing being celebrated in way too many schools. It's fomenting division, and it neatly avoids the truth as children are ushered into harmful, high risk, sinful behavior, with a smiling (but also brainwashed) teacher and school approval.

What can we do? Contact your school. Pray for these clubs to cease operations in your schools. Teach your own children the truth that no one is born this way and these behaviors are a grave sin in the eyes of God. Always have been and always will be.

And the good news is that many people have left these attractions behind!

You can read more about this teacher and the strong leftist support she receives in Hawaii,


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