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Stop the "Drag" Library Event for Delaware, Ohio Teens

Call now!

Creating more gender confused boys?

You’ve probably heard already about the “summer reading” event at the Orange branch of the Delaware ( Ohio) County Library on June 5 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm, which has drawn a lot of controversy.

And a lot of publicity for the “drag” queens as well. Of course, that’s what they crave-- even if children are at risk.

It’s an event to teach people about so-called “drag.” Oh, and the people the library wants to come are minors. It’s being advertised as “teens only—12 to 17.”

Here’s how the notice reads on the Delaware Library site: “Drag 101—Teen Program. Curious about the art of drag and no idea where to start? Come learn the basics with former Miss Gay Ohio America, Selena T. West! All genders welcome; drag is for everyone! Teens only, please.”

What-- no parents? And why exclude adults? Suspicions are heightened immediately when we read this, because who wants a 12-year-old unsupervised with a man who likes to dress as a woman?

And in a taxpayer-funded library, no less.

The library had a meeting on May 21 where members of the public spoke against as well as in support of this event. Still, the library board says they are not canceling.

But hold on. The situation gets even shadier when one finds out that the organizer, a man who calls himself “Selena T. West,” has sexually suggestive images all over the Internet of himself and others. Who is “Selena," anyway?

If one of these teens arrives at the library, courtesy of your tax dollars, and likes the “drag” lessons, surely there will be follow-up contact, right? And if a teen checks him out on the web, the example being set is hardly a public relations/publicity campaign taxpayers should be funding.

So call this number-- 740-549-2665-- to state your objections. This is child corruption. This event seems to be going without parental notice or permission, but could create serious emotional disturbances in some adolescent boys.

Is the library ready for that possible consequence?

How did this even become an event? Turns out it was the idea of Becky Woodruff of the Delaware Library, and she is a friend of these “drag” people. She leads the library children’s programs.

That makes us all feel a lot better, right?

CALL today! Thank you.


from Mission America | Linda Harvey, President
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