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Tell Our Boys: Say Yes to Porn, Say Goodbye to the Best Girls

Linda Harvey, Mission America

It’s the rumbling sexual earthquake in this country, a moral and public health emergency few want to talk about.
It’s often the buried root beneath the screaming demands for “LGBTQ” rights, unrestricted access to abortion, and the push to legalize prostitution.
I’m talking about pornography and it’s ruining our values, trapping the minds and hearts of the young, wrecking relationships and leaving America vulnerable. 
And males are its most frequent consumers.
Really, let’s be honest. When our young men have little discipline and self-restraint over very personal appetites, they can’t be counted on to be the heads of households, leaders and heroes our nation needs going forward. 
So when states like Montana declare pornography a public health crisis, their lawmakers act wisely, but much more is needed. Fourteen other states have  done so as well, yet where is a heightened focus by the mainstream media? 
The ripples threaten to become a tsunami. We can thank porn for much of today’s “rape culture.” Porn-obsessed males can become violent abusers of women and children.
And they make lousy husbands and fathers, with huge implications for the future well-being of our teens and young adults. 

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