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Will We Lose Little Women and Men to a Godless Matriarchy?

Linda Harvey, Barbwire.com

How would Jo March have reacted to the legalization of abortion in Ireland?

Planet Earth desperately needs sane masculine and feminine role models and committed parenting, yet what do we celebrate instead? Feminists are exultant over their “victory” in Ireland.

Irish mothers can now abort their children, both female and male. Another triumph for womanhood, right? Keep unwanted males and religious zealots from uterus invasion -- or so Emerald Isle women (and men) apparently now believe.

God help them. Is this the example we want for our girls and women? A once-Christian nation proclaims “freedom” when in reality, its people have willingly taken an evil yoke of bondage.

The year 2018 is the 150th anniversary of the publication of Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel Little Women and so I pondered the narratives of modern feminism while watching the PBS re-make now airing on TV in the U.S. I re-read my cherished girlhood copy of the novel to compare to the Masterpiece Theatre/BBC production.

I feared that estrogen-power-politics would be imposed on the original story of Civil War-era sisters navigating financial hardship, sibling conflict, and girlhood dreams during the absence of their beloved dad.

Yes, father hunger is a key element in this beloved American tale. Wouldn’t today’s headlines be different if more husbands stayed in the homes of their wives and children? Girls raised on feminist revolution as well as the boy shooters of fellow students would perhaps handle life’s challenges differently if more dads faithfully raised little women and little men.

And more humans would live as a result, both born and unborn.

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Cincinnati Reds "LGBT Pride" Night on Friday, June 8

Families, beware!

Major league baseball is caving to the homosexual agenda, at least, some teams are. On Friday night, June 8 the Cincinnati Reds will be holding a so-called “LGBT Pride” night, with huge rainbow flags on display, rainbow pride merchandise for sale and yes, same sex couples featured on “kiss cams."

And homosexuals and gender–benders may be throwing out the first pitch.

Friday, June 8, is also super-hero night for Marvel comics super-heroes, so many kids will be coming to the Reds game for that purpose.

If you'd like to express your opinion to the Reds, here's the email contact link.

If you'd like to call the Reds, the number is (513) 765-7000.

Let's stand up against sexual immorality being paraded before our kids.



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