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"Day of Silence" More Like "Day of Coercion"

Linda Harvey, WND.com

The pressure on kids came not just from misguided peers on the recent “Day of Silence.”

Day of Silence (DOS) was the pro-homosexual, pro-“transgender” propaganda event organized as a silent student protest against bullying and “discrimination” in many schools on Friday, April 27.

But the “LGBTQ” activists are the real bullies and they are not finished this school year with America’s children. The intense activism promoting these vile behaviors is slated to continue through June.

Reports are surfacing of incidents where students were pressured by administrators and teachers to participate in the Day of Silence. Teachers and principals sent notes home and one elementary school held school-wide “age-appropriate discussions.”

What “age-appropriate” lesson can discuss depraved behaviors with 5 to 11- year- old children? There’s a high likelihood that these “discussions” concealed the sordid reality.

The annual DOS propaganda event has been organized for over 20 years by the radical group GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, which claims this year’s DOS was observed at 5,000 schools. And as you will recall from our publicity about this event, GLSEN claims it’s “student-led” but what we are learning only confirms an alarming recent trend: kids are being coerced to participate by leftist teachers and school administrators.

It’s clearly becoming an occasion for unconstitutional discrimination against Christians and others who object to the normalization of deviant conduct.

Liberty Counsel, the national Christian legal group, reported that a 14- year- old eighth grade boy at Tavares Middle School in Lake County, Florida brought home a printed note from his teacher announcing her own participation in the Day of Silence and encouraging students to join her. The note even provided middle schoolers a number to text to receive future text messages, presumably with more homosexual propaganda and who knows what else.

A mom who writes a popular blog, Katy Faust, reported receiving a note from her daughter’s high school principal encouraging participation in the upcoming “Day of Silence.”

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Can You Be Gay and Christian?

Dr. Michael Brown

This is an excellent, truthful video!

Can you be gay and Christian? What does the Bible actually say? Did the biblical writers address loving, committed, same-sex relationships? In this “Consider This” episode Dr. Brown tackles this controversial issue.


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