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Top 10 Biases Progressives Should Overcome

Linda Harvey, WND.com

It’s the era of “fake fake news,” where the mainstream media broadcasts well-entrenched mythology while pointing its collective finger at conservative media outlets for “misinformation.”

Sigh. Most of you understand just how much treason and scandal has been uncovered by conservative media – like WND.com -- which would never have seen the light of day if left to CNN or the NY Times.

Are you frustrated with people who cling to nonsense? Wouldn’t it be great if they would thoughtfully consider conservative viewpoints? Perhaps a list would help.

Although condensed, here are the major points I would make:

10. Conservatives are not racists or sexists, and we don’t hate anyone. What we hate are inhumane, destructive policies wreaking heartbreaking consequences. No person is wedded to these and many people have gotten a conscience and changed their politics. Ex-liberals like me know this all too well. So please be authentically tolerant and respectful, read views from (for instance) black conservatives like Star Parker, and drop the pejorative “racist” label.

9. Immigration is not the problem. America is a nation of immigrants. Conservatives are not afraid of immigrants and it’s not a racist reaction. We oppose lawlessness and illegal immigration. I lock my doors at night, and most of you do also, because not all people are trustworthy. For the security of our children and families, we deserve to know who comes to America, their names, backgrounds and values. And we deserve their pledge to honor our Constitution, learn English, follow our laws and respect our history. Every other country regulates immigration. Why not America? It’s an issue of national security and it’s the law.

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Planning for your child's summer?

Teach them about God's plan for sexuality

There's no better time than summer vacation to take advantage of those unplanned moments and-- plan ahead for them!

We are our children's and grandchildren's first teachers and what better time than summer to equip them with vital information about God's design of two genders--male and female -- sexuality reserved for authentic marriage, and the sins and heartbreak of straying from this beautiful plan.

We have many resources on our web site at www.missionamerica.com to help you. Linda Harvey's book, Maybe He's Not Gay: Another View on Homosexuality can equip your teens with a common sense and biblical understanding of this troubling issue.

Think about it, pray about it, and be ready for those precious teachable moments!  


from Mission America | Linda Harvey, President
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