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America in Trouble under Leftist Agenda

Democrats are killing our country

Biden speaks to radical Human Rights Campaign

How quickly can our nation decline? Well, we may find out in 2021 under the corrupt leadership of "progressives" who are busy implementing tyranny, enabling barbarism and celebrating the destruction of many lives, including the most innocent.

Pray, folks, like never before, and stand UP! We have the standards of the Lord in our hearts and His Spirit can guide us. If God's people repent, pray and act with courage, God will heal our land.

Do NOT believe the well-crafted lies of sexual anarchy (see below) or the divisive, bigoted and lawless "critical race theory" lessons wrecking the climate of many American schools (see below).

Instead, cling to what is good as we expose and reject evil. Proclaim our First Amendment rights of religious freedom and free speech, and do NOT let the wicked Democrats drive us underground.

There is still good news and we are blessed in many, many ways. Keep the faith as we continue the good fight.  

Hilliard (OH) Schools AGAIN Corrupting Children

Students Read Anti-Christian, Obscene Poetry Text

From The Daily Wire ---
A public high school in suburban Ohio is asking ninth-grade students to read a slam poetry book that discusses a young girl abandoning her Christian faith, talking to drug dealers, and partaking in sexual acts.

Hilliard Bradley High School near Columbus, Ohio, is requesting that ninth-grade English students read a slam poetry book entitled, “The Poet X.” The school has provided limited alternatives and students must opt-out of the assigned readings if parents do not feel comfortable with the graphic content in the book. 

ARTICLE continues

Beachwood, OH Schools Get Earful from Black Parent

The Post Millennial

A black woman spoke up at a School Board meeting in Beachwood, Ohio, to take issue with the board's use of critical race and gender theory to divide families, pit students against their parents, and create a racist environment where none had existed before…She said that many school districts in Ohio "are now hiding their curriculum from its residents because they're teaching students to become bigots toward their peers, adults, and law enforcement."

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In His Image Weekend of Freedom, Sidney OH April 9

Conference on biblical sexuality

For those struggling with homosexuality, gender confusion or other sexuality issues, the new film "In His Image" is a blessing. And now, the people whose testimonies are featured in that video are taking their message on the road and will be sponsoring a conference in Sidney, Ohio, April 9, 10 and 11.

For more information about the conference and the film,
go HERE.  


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