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Contact U.S. SENATE, Say NO to (In)Equality Act

Anti-Family, Anti-Christian Bill is NOT about "Civil Rights"

Well, the outrageous "Equality Act" (H.R. 5) passed the Democrat Party controlled U.S. House, 224 to 206. This sweeping, discriminatory bill would declare "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" to be federal civil rights.

The good news is that only three Republicans voted for the bill -- Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-1), Tom Reed (NY-23), and John Katko (NY-24). When this bill passed the House in the last session of Congress, eight Republicans voted for it.

What is the danger to our society from this bill? See the two articles below. One is that it specifically knocks out the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" as a defense. In other words, this bill denies Christian moral objections to these behaviors, which should be a violation of the First Amendment, but in today's America, the left will see just how much depravity they can force people to accept-- and that includes children.

The second article below is one we published two years ago but still applies. The deceptively titled "Equality Act" opens the door to pedophilia, and we will show you how this will happen.

ACTION: Please call your U.S. Senator and ask him or her to VOTE NO on the Equality Act.

To find your senator, go HERE.

Democrats’ ‘Equality Act’ Narrowly Passes House Without Hearings

The Epoch Times -- GOP Says Religious Freedom Harmed

House Democrats approved the Equality Act of 2021 the afternoon of Feb. 25 following a rancorous debate in which Republicans said the controversial bill will significantly narrow the scope of religious freedom if it becomes law...

The House debate got hot almost as soon as it started. Only a few minutes in, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.) branded as “ridiculous” Republican claims that the bill represents a threat to religious freedom.

ARTICLE continues

"Equality Act" Opens Back Door to Pedophilia

Linda Harvey, Mission America

We cannot let this bill go forward because it may enable pederasty/pedophilia.

The way this could happen pretty quickly is through the sexual civil rights accorded to children, and all the many new ways adults will find to “support” them—what saner heads would call “grooming.” All that has to happen for pedophiles to gain access is for minors to acquire newly-minted sexual identity “protections” and then their carefully-manipulated “choices” will pave the way.

So Tyler at age 10 can declare his girl identity and even how he wants to express it. Be assured, there are “LGBT” lawyers ready to defend him pro bono. And parents will become irrelevant.

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