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Victory Gardens & Other Flumageddon Family Projects

Linda Harvey, Mission America

How our priorities and wish lists have changed in just a few weeks!

Moms and dads who were worn out from packed schedules and stressful jobs, who longed for more time with their children, are now.....worn out from a houseful of antsy kids and the stress of trying to stay calm, stay positive, keep peace and create constructive activities.

So, are you looking for ideas? What home-based projects that don’t cost a fortune can we launch with kids in the next few weeks?

Here are my ideas, liberally borrowed from friends and online sources.

1. Victory Garden. I am blessed to have a very creative friend from Omaha, Judy, who shared with me her inspired idea. The president called the fight against the virus a “war” we can win, and that phrase reminded Judy about the victory gardens popular during World War II. She believes victory gardens would provide a teachable moment for children during the current national emergency.

If you recall, victory gardens were planted during World War II to provide extra food for households but also as a powerful symbol of hope for a nation dwelling in uncertainty and fighting fear. The idea was, “We will survive, there is a bright future and we are diligently and patiently planning – and planting-- for it.”

Judy believes a victory garden transmits an inspiring message to children, plus serves as a way to keep them busy outside, away from the tempting TV babysitter and other questionable screens.

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Powerful Book on Teacher Misconduct in Toledo

"Passing the Trash" by Louisa Miller

Covering Up Educators' Sex Crimes-- and How a Superintendent Was Caught After Decades of Lies

”PASSING the TRASH” is the true story of an American community torn apart by a sex scandal involving their school Superintendent, underage girls, and teachers he supervised. A brave School Board member smelled a rat, hired a private investigator, and uncovered the Superintendent’s early crime.

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