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Close Ohio Abortion Clinics NOW-- Contact the Governor


Doesn't this picture say it all? What messed-up priorities!!

Video Shows Clinics Still Open

From Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio:
For Immediate Release
March 20, 2020
Contact: Molly Smith
Phone: 440-668-4049

BREAKING: Video Proves Abortion Facilities Still Open
Contact the Governor and Department of Health immediately

(Cleveland, OH)— The video below from our friends at Created Equal is evidence of the fact that abortion providers continue to ignore Ohio Health Director Amy Acton’s mandate that “all non-essential and elective surgeries and procedures” cease. They are putting health and lives of many Ohioans on the line.

[To watch video, go HERE]

Please contact Governor DeWine and Health Director Amy Acton. Ask them to enforce their own law, and insist these abortion facilities stop their lethal practices which are putting so many lives in danger. They are working day in and out to stop the spread of the virus. If organizations will not comply with this mandate, they will not be successful and more Ohioans will surely die.

Call Governor Mike DeWine at (614) 644-4357 or e-mail him here.

Call Health Director Amy Acton at (614) 466-3543 or e-mail her here.


Virus Emergency, but Abortions Must Continue?

Help us Lord!!

I ask you, friends, to join me in daily, fervent prayer for our country.

Lord, please help America get through this crisis and be stronger and more stable than ever, both individually and as a nation. Give those who are fearful comfort and those who contract this illness, healing. Let us remember that you told us to "Fear not." Let us turn our hearts always to You.

And please, Lord, help those who are so lost that they are in the business of destroying innocent unborn life, to get their priorities in line with Yours. Open their eyes, and give them hearts of repentance, and let them turn away from their wicked deeds, reckless disregard for life and health, and exaltation of sexual sin to the point they are willing to kill for it and make a profit doing so. Surely more of these people can be brought into Your light, Lord Jesus, and become Your followers. We ask that the killing stop and the healing begin.

In the precious name of Jesus-- Amen.  


from Mission America | Linda Harvey, President
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