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'Equality Act' Invites More Mistreatment of Students like Gabby

H.R.5 is a major threat to freedom and morality

At Lebanon High School in Lebanon, Ohio, there has been an uproar that’s totally unnecessary. That is, unless you believe that homosexual and gender rebellious behavior needs to dictate what every student is allowed to believe or express.

Student Gabby Helsinger was given an in-school suspension because she posted Bible verses in reaction to seeing “gay” pride posters and flags all over her school.

This is where tolerance brings us, friends. It's one more among the many reasons we cannot allow a federal law to pass that makes homosexuality and gender rebellion civil rights like race. If you think this evil agenda is unleashing tyranny now, just wait until these sins are federal civil rights.

Call your congressional representative and ask him/her to please vote against H.R. 5, the so-called "Equality Act" when Nancy Pelosi brings it up for a vote.

For news article with details about the discrimination against Gabby, go

"Day of Silence" is a Huge Scam

Scheduled for April 12 -- What will happen at your school?

If two middle school girls “date,” that’s normal – didn’t you know? Boys in girls’ restrooms, locker rooms and showers is also a “right” and anyone who objects is a racist.

The “LGBTQ” agenda that’s being sold to children via deviant, negligent, or cowardly schools is all about concocting mindless myths.

It’s pure propaganda with no basis in fact or logic, so why do it? It’s the avenue for fostering sexual permissiveness as a societal change agent using children as guinea pigs. Cooperative public schools are the sites of this corruption.

And so here comes the annual “Day of Silence” in public schools on April 12 as one of useful weapons in this war on children, which includes pronouns as a battlefield, schools secretly colluding with deeply disturbed children behind parents’ backs and even teachers encouraging students to join private “gay” clubs on Instagram without parental knowledge.

This is what “social justice” looks like in some American schools. If you object, you are a “bully.” But like many of you, I am not buying it.

Read more HERE.  

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