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Keep Kids Home on the 'Day of Silence' April 27

Kids deserve better than bigoted, immoral propaganda!

Keep Kids Home--Skip the Propaganda

The pro-homosexual "Day of Silence" is coming up on Friday, April 27. Will your kids be at school to experience a false message of "progressive" perversion?

Among the lies our kids learn are these-- Christians are all bullies and homosexual sex is natural, harmless and inborn. And people can actually be born in the wrong sex body!

And "silence" is needed on one day a year to mourn the relentless bullying and "silencing" of homosexuals and the gender confused.

When you stop laughing (because this is such a pile of hogwash), realize that our kids do listen and they may not tell you how much of this poison they absorb. We need to go before them and protect them from being manipulated and deceived. Some students will be allowed by sympathetic teachers to remain silent in class for this pretend protest led by a national child corruption group, GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

It's a good idea in many schools to keep your kids home. For more information about how to participate, go to the Day of Silence Walkout page, HERE.

Maybe He's Not Gay, Second Edition-- Just released!

by Linda Harvey

Im gay. As more young people decide this is a valid identity, what's our response? And apparently, there are a host of new "civil rights" that come with it. But is this even true, that being "gay" is really "who you are?" Does this identity bring liberation - or a whole new burden? Does it lift the veil of secrecy - or start a new kind of struggle?

Many teens are now expected to accept these behaviors among friends at school. This book is specifically for them.

"Maybe Hes Not Gay" addresses this confusion with answers for young people struggling with the turmoil of adolescence. For some, that may include same sex attractions or gender confusion. It explains what these feelings mean - and why a new opposite sex or "gay" identity may not be the answer.

This NEW second edition of "Maybe He's Not Gay" is revised and updated, and includes a new chapter, "Maybe He's Not...a Girl," revealing the fallacies of the current campaign to sell young people on gender "fluidity" and convince them they should all share private space with the opposite sex.

It's a dangerous experiment using youth as guinea pigs.

Parents, order this for your kids!

To find out more and for links to order, go HERE.


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