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Maybe He's Not a Girl

2nd Edition of "Maybe He's Not Gay" just released!

ďIím gay.Ē As more young people decide this is their "identity," what's our response? And apparently, there are a host of new "civil rights" that come with it. But is this even true, that being "gay" is really "who you are?" Does this identity bring liberation - or a whole new burden? Does it lift the veil of secrecy - or start a new kind of struggle?

Many teens are now expected everywhere they turn to accept these behaviors in friends at school. This book is specifically for them.

"Maybe Heís Not Gay" addresses their confusion., and gives answers to young people struggling with the turmoil of adolescence, which for some, may include same sex attractions or gender confusion. It explains what these feelings mean - and why a new identity as "gay" may not be the final answer.

This NEW second edition of "Maybe He's Not Gay" is revised and updated, and includes a new chapter, "Maybe He's Not...a Girl," explaining the fallacies of the current campaign to sell young people on gender "fluidity" and convince them they should all share private space with the opposite sex.

It's a dangerous experiment using youth as guinea pigs.

Parents, order this for your kids!

To find out more and for links to order, go HERE.  

Calling Out "LGBT" Agenda: Hate or Hope?

by Linda Harvey

Males costumed as females read to kids in libraries. Why?

Nothing is impossible with God and no person is out of His reach. We must not give up on even the wickedest of souls, some in visible positions who seem bound and determined to destroy our cultureóand Christianity, if they could.

But they wonít succeed.

Homosexuality is a profoundly corrupting sin, and the nasty emails and calls Iíve have received over the years amply illustrate the confusion of sexual anarchy. Especially heartbreaking are those from teens...

ARTICLE continues HERE.  

Mapping the Swamp: Charting Sodom in 2018

Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez, English Manif

Bobby Lopez

The dawn of 2018 marks twenty years since a life-changing event that changed me from obnoxiously pro-gay to staunchly pro-chastity. To draw from an overused allegory, I would like to say I fled Sodom twenty years ago...

I was twenty-seven years old. Up until that time in my life, I had never had any strong inkling that homosexuality was wrong. I called myself homosexual though I had known since the beginning that I felt strong attractions toward women. Membership in the gay community, even back then, brought with it certain advantages: shortcuts to jobs, fabulous if not glamorous social events, easy sex, endless wit and diversion. By 1998 I had made peace with the physical act between two men, which I never came to like very much....

ARTICLE continues HERE.  


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