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Homosexuality Health Hazards: Word is Getting Out

Linda Harvey, WND.com

Homosexuality is “exploding” among kids in the U.S., according to one expert. And it’s not good news, since this behavior has not suddenly become less risky.

Two new resources have just been published that parents, teachers, health care professionals and pastors should keep handy as our communities deal with growing numbers of the misguided and sexually confused.

The Health Hazards of Homosexuality: What the Medical and Psychological Research Reveals is a 600-page reference book with over a thousand citations, written in a highly readable style for a general audience.

The medical evidence paints a dire picture that should become an urgent public health problem as these behaviors ironically grow in popularity among youth.

The second resource is Paul and Kirk Cameron’s important WND article where they analyze recent stats from the Centers for Disease Control, with these startling findings: homosexual behavior has increased 85% in recent years among America’s teens.

This is a shocking trend. But will public health officials take measures to protect our youth, now that the dire implications are evident for all to see?

It’s doubtful. Don’t expect anything but “LGBTQ” business as usual, with activism undiminished, even on the increase. Parents should be ever-watchful for homosexual indoctrination in their kids’ schools.

It’s spring and that means schools allow, or in some cases promote, the victim-posturing “Day of Silence” as well as “Harvey Milk Day” in California schools and June “pride” month. Both elementary and secondary schools are replete with teacher, staff and student activists who believe the prevailing, high-risk propaganda.

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