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Matthew Shepard Legacy: "Fake News"

Linda Harvey, WND.com

Is the accepted legacy of Matthew Shepard “fake news”?

Recently a radio listener contacted me, concerned about yet another high school performing The Laramie Project, a play/movie depicting the most popular version of the events surrounding the 1998 murder of homosexual HIV-positive Wyoming college student Matthew Shepard.

This listener was also concerned that Matthew’s mother, Judy, is still speaking to high school groups and conveying a highly misleading message.

The truth-challenged Laramie play perpetuates “LGBTQ” mythology at numerous schools, and we can expect more before the annual pro-homosexual “Day of Silence,” Friday, April 21. High schools this year presenting this propaganda play are in Lewisville, TX; Kalispell, MT; Minneapolis, MN; Chattanooga, TN; and Canton, GA.

Laramie paints Shepard’s murder as an example of violent bigotry. So did prosecutors who maintained Aaron McKinney pistol-whipped Shepard because of “homophobia” after a drug and alcohol binge. Accomplice Russell Henderson was largely a bystander. Both are serving life sentences.

Media and homosexual activist groups descended on Laramie and, along with intense pressure even from then-president Bill Clinton, spun the murder into a tale of “anti-gay hate“ to advance hate crimes legislation.

But those looking closely into the Shepard case see a completely different picture. Shepard was a victim, but also a victimizer. Ditto for killer Aaron McKinney.

Milo Yiannopoulos recently confirmed that many homosexuals are molested as minors. One author maintains that Matthew Shepard as well as his murderer fell into that category.

Journalist Stephen Jimenez, himself a homosexual, wrote The Book of Matt in 2013 after years of research, concluding that McKinney’s attack most likely arose from rage over an unsuccessful drug deal.

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