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Time to WALKOUT on the Pro-"LGBT" Day of Silence

Protect children from misinformation!

What's happening to our kids? Stand up, folks!

Should boys be allowed access to girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, and showers?

This is what we were all supposed to accept in America in 2017. Like many of you, we are not buying it.

Thanks to last year's illegitimate Obama Administration edict, many public schools have already started allowing gender-dysphoric students to access opposite-sex private spaces, often without informing parents.

“Day of Silence 2017” is likely to ratchet up the rhetoric on the bathroom issue. Our children will not benefit from this misuse of instructional time and educational resources.

Will you join with us again this year to oppose the Day of Silence organized and promoted by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)? This year’s event is scheduled for Friday, April 21, 2017.

Learn more at the Day of Silence website.

Let’s once again stand together against normalizing sexual deviance. Why?

It’s not just this one day each spring, although that would be bad enough.

Here are just some of the trends in public elementary, middle, and high schools regarding the controversial topics of homosexuality and gender confusion, and which make the Day of Silence Walkout necessary:

Go HERE to read more.

Is Gender Anarchy God's Judgment for Abortion?

Linda Harvey, WND.com

This is a female who proudly displays scars from breast removal.

When certain families raise their children in today’s culture to be God-honoring, productive, respectful young adults, it’s an astounding accomplishment.

It still happens, praise God, and many of you are still trying to do this.

But the forces allied against such happy outcomes are growing, metastasizing through the disease of secular American culture.

To keep protecting our children, we must recognize honestly what’s going on, even if it is a deeply sobering, heartbreaking picture.

It’s all-out war, one that God is possibly allowing for a time as part of judgment on America.

The left calls the transformation of America “progress.”

But no, it is instead an insane race toward the crumbling temples of ancient barbarism, leading our children by the hand as the sacrificial victims brought willingly to the pagan feast.

Can God “turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children”? (Malachi 4:6)

It may be a divine consequence, if not judgment, of America’s callous slaughter of 60 million unborn lives. God has a habit of giving us what we want.

We are reaping the fruit of abortion: marriage abolition via the homosexual and gender confusion agendas. “Don’t want the blessing of faithful husband/wife love – new human life? OK, take the emptiness of fruitless pleasure instead.”

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