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Parents Testify: "Yes, There's CRT in Schools, and We Say NO!"

Linda Harvey, Mission America

A Rocky River, OH parent tells Ohio House committee about CRT-infused lessons

Question: "Is CRT really taught in your school district?" This was the predictable Democrat challenge to outraged parents at an Ohio statehouse committee hearing in late June, casting doubt about the existence of critical race theory school programs.

Four hours later, the knee-jerk progressive wing of Ohio politics was no longer asking that question. Passionate, tearful parent and student testimonies provided ample specifics.

First, some background.

Last summer following George Floyd’s death and loud BLM demands, schools nationwide launched race-focused indoctrination plans, and newly-minted school diversity consultants began counting their piles of cash. Here’s how it rolled out in Ohio.

In July 2020, the Ohio State Board of Education passed a sweeping resolution condemning “white supremacy culture” and “hate speech” and encouraging top-to-bottom audits of Ohio schools for “inequity” and “implicit bias.” A sizable conservative board minority objected but in the wake of BLM hysteria, the state board’s leftist majority prevailed.

Public uproar followed and several meetings later, the board chair prohibited any further public comments on the CRT issue because one of the board members thought it was “painful” to “listen to people talk about their agendas” ( i.e., opposing critical race theory)....

Most parent “agendas” focus on teaching children the truth.

CRT- infused lessons are popping up in Ohio schools...So local Ohio school board meetings just got real interesting. At Lakota (OH) Local Schools, a parent accused the board and schools of “lying” to parents.

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Linda Harvey testified at Ohio House hearing for HB 327

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