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Last Minute Ohio Lawmaker Action on HB 240

Will Parents Right to Know Act Pass in Budget, or Have Separate Hearings?

OH children don't deserve obscene condom demonstrations. They deserve true abstinence lessons.

The Ohio General Assembly is working feverishly to meet a June 30 deadline (required by law) to pass a budget. The Senate version of the budget included the language of the "Parents Right to Know Act," House Bill 240.

Our question now is, will the Ohio House leave that language in? If so, this important law takes effect to reinforce Ohio's "abstinence until marriage" sex education policy, and also allowing parents the right to opt in if any other sex instruction is planned in their child's school.

Proponent hearings on HB 240 were planned for Monday, June 28, but cancelled because of the work the lawmakers need to do on the budget. Will this language pass inside the budget? Or will more hearings on this bill be necessary?

ACTION: Call your Ohio House representative today and urge him or her to pass a budget that includes the Parents Right to Know language, HB 240, in its entirety (not watered down).

GO HERE to find your representative.

Go HERE. to read HB 240.  

Parents Reveal CRT Lessons at Ohio House Hearing

Lengthy hearing brought out details of anti-American curriculum

Linda Harvey Testifies on Ohio House Bill 327

On Wed., June 23, House Bill 327 received proponent hearings, and boy, did lawmakers get an earful about the inaccurate, radical lessons Ohio schools are allowing in classrooms.

This bill would prohibit divisive teaching that asserts any nationality, color, ethnicity, race or sex is superior or inferior to another, or that claims the United
States is inherently racist. The bill also prohibits employee workshops along these lines in Ohio government agencies.

To watch the hearings, go HERE.

Linda Harvey's testimony begins at around 3:26:20


Governor Mike DeWine Does Not Support "Save Women's Sports" Act

Last minute action on bill to keep males out of female sports

As the Ohio General Assembly scrambles before its summer break, language of the bill to keep women's sports confined to biological females was inserted into another bill on the Ohio House floor as an amendment. It passed over the vocal (and childish) objections, boos and desk-pounding of Democrats. Yet will it survive the Senate? The bill is now SB 187.

And now, Gov. DeWine has hindered its passage by implying he would not sign it.

In a statement on the governor's website, DeWine said this:

“This issue is best addressed outside of government, through individual sports leagues and athletic associations, including the Ohio High School Athletic Association, who can tailor policies to meet the needs of their member athletes and member institutions.”

Go HERE to read it.

In response, GOP Congressman Warren Davidson, rumored to become a challenger to DeWine in the gubernatorial primary, issued his own statement on Twitter:

“Title IX has helped girls’ sports flourish. Biological males (XY) should not compete against biological females (XX); sports have those distinctions for a reason. Government should absolutely protect girls and women.”



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