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The Sexual Roots of Civil Rebellion and Its Youth Victims

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Sexual rebellion encourages a youth attitude of defiance

The USA Today headline was intended to pull heart strings: “Internet has proven to be an LGBTQ ‘lifeline.’” But for those who have been standing against the full surrender of America to depravity, it was gag-worthy.

Because you know who they focused on: kids.

The article features a 14- year- old New York girl who was looking forward to her first ‘Pride’ march this summer. “Pride is a pledge that you are valid and you are loved.” Also highlighted is a 12-year old “girl” (possibly a gender-confused boy) named Eevee. But since many homosexual parades are cancelled for 2020, online “pride” is where these children should turn.

Or not, if somehow a sane adult could intervene.

We need to take a hard look at the “LGBTQ” agenda targeting youth, now online, which is dangerous enough. But that movement is sometimes the prelude to the next step: becoming revolutionaries.

Parents, be alert. The online world is packed with deception, obscenity and multiple paths to youth rebellion, including encouragement to dismiss any Christian witness.

They hear the monolithic indoctrination—“you were born this way,” “don’t listen to the voices of hate saying this is wrong,” “there’s no risk and it’s equal to straight life.” Any doubts? Download the readily available pansexual porn and the propagandized teen is quickly drawn into the rotten sexual fruits of this movement.

Over a decade ago I researched high school “social justice academies” which were pilot projects in mostly urban schools in cities like Chicago and Boston. Read: white liberals testing revolutionary concepts on mostly black kids.

Along with racial reconciliation messages, social justice lessons neatly incorporate “LGBTQ” propaganda and it’s almost impossible to object (you are automatically a “racist”). Never forget, Black Lives Matter fully embraces the whole sexual deviance agenda, even calling for the end of the traditional family, which they call the “western nuclear family.”

The divisive tactics are not new, just becoming more irrational. Sexual rebellion is often a precursor of civic rebellion, as history shows us.

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Great Gender-Sane Resources for Your Kids!

Just Ducky by Barb Anderson

Little Ducky thinks he is a rooster.

In this heart-warming story, young readers will fall in love with Little Ducky and his barnyard friends. This richly illustrated duck tale teaches children an all-important truth about being content with the way they were made. Wise Old Duck teaches Little Ducky that he is perfect just the way he is and he doesn’t need to pretend he is something or someone else.

Praise for "Just Ducky"

“This is without question one of the best picture books conveying a much-needed message: Love your body and be who you were created to be! At a time when children are being taught confusing messages about identity, this book is just what the doctor ordered. Just Ducky is sure to become a favorite of children and parents alike.”
Michelle Cretella, MD, Executive Director of the American College of Pediatricians

All proceeds go to the Child Protection League.

To order, go

I'm Glad God Made Me a Girl

by Denise Shick

For ages 5–8 (K–2nd grade)Susie is surprised when her friend Amy cuts her hair short and dresses like a boy because she thinks boys are braver, smarter, and stronger than girls. Susie feels sad. Can’t girls be brave, smart, and strong too? With her parents’ guidance, Susie learns to be glad that she’s a girl. In I’m Glad God Made Me a Girl, young girls discover God’s design and purpose for them.

The story also touches on the reasons some girls believe becoming a boy makes sense for them. This resource shows girls that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by God and that as females, they are beautiful, kind, brave, smart, and strong. This book is a valuable tool for parents, pastors, and counselors who seek to demonstrate love and compassion as they minister to children who struggle with gender confusion.

To order, go

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