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Another Child Corruption Event Cancelled!

Send or call "Thank You" to Speaker Householder

Please send a thank-you to Speaker of the Ohio House Larry Householder for standing up against child corruption in libraries.

Another victory just occurred for Ohio families, this time through the principled leadership of Larry Householder, Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives. Larry’s house district includes part of Licking County and here’s what he challenged.

A child corruption event had been planned for the West Newark ( Miller) library on Friday evening, June 7, promoting “LGBTQ” behaviors to youth ages 12 to 17, with parents discouraged from being present in the room. These impressionable adolescents were to learn about being a “drag queen” and also given lessons on “safe sex.”

These lessons were to come from Equitas Health, which has very explicit program descriptions on its website, even for youth.

As a result of a letter sent to the Licking County Library system by Speaker Householder, the event has been cancelled. Householder called the planned event, a “stunningly bizarre breach of the public trust. And it must stop.”

He also wrote that “..taxpayers aren’t interested in seeing their hard earned dollars being used to teach teenage boys how to become drag queens.”

A biased article in the Columbus Dispatch on Sunday, June 2, described the planned programs as only offering “drag queen make-up.” The article also failed to mention the planned lessons on “safe sex.”

The Dispatch article also noted that eight Democratic party Ohio representatives joined in a public announcement taking Householder to task and seemingly supportive of the Newark library event, which could lead vulnerable kids into high risk behavior.

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