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Real Women: Stand Up Against Pretend 'Girls'

Linda Harvey, WND.com

God can transform us into Wonder Women

With Wonder Woman’s revival, think about this. What is your picture of the ideal woman?

It probably doesn’t include theft. And most likely, it starts with women who are not actually guys, which is the kind of question one must consider in today’s wacko culture.

How about women who readily discard their beautiful design as females to try to “become” males? Yes, they would be automatically disqualified.

Wouldn’t it be great if America could pause before feminism’s self-worshipping altar to reconsider these virtues for women: humility, honesty, service, godliness, modesty, decency, kindness, faithfulness, self-control?

Some are the fruits of the spirit named in Galatians 5:22-23.

But back to thinking about theft. There’s the recent bad example of a Connecticut boy who identifies as a female. He finished first in several state high school track competitions, running as a girl.

Fifteen-year-old Andraya Yearwood is the boy and his success knocked out other top contenders who are authentic girls. And as Breitbart.com reports, Yearwood has undergone no cross-sex hormone treatments in the vain hope of transitioning to a female body. Impossible, as we know, but confused boys are often prescribed estrogen as teens regardless.

So his “girl” thing is one hundred percent imagination. Why not just stay home and simply imagine winning the meets themselves? Shouldn’t Connecticut school athletic officials honor his identification as the winner, as long as unfounded fantasy apparently rules?

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