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Innocent Children On Front Lines of Raging Culture War

Linda Harvey, WND.com

Children are being thrust into the spotlight these days amid the raging clash of cultures. An element of consent exists for some, but tragically, not for all.

In Twin Falls, Idaho, a five-year-old girl suffered a devastating assault by three Muslim boys who lured her into a laundry room and raped her, orally and anally. And filmed it.

The trial is over and the boys received no jail time. None, only probation, and the judge issued a gag order on the case. It’s being called a travesty and another evidence of the lawlessness of courts that defer to the unjust influence of Islamic sharia law principles and Muslim muscle in America.

But some children are being victimized in another way, “celebrated” and publicized for their overt sexualization. For confused, neglected children, this might be one heartbreaking way to get adult attention.

An eight-year-old boy in Canada is being lauded on homosexual sites because he identifies as a “drag queen.” That’s a male performer who is a female impersonator.

Eight years old. It’s agonizing to watch him being shoved into an X-rated adult world—and filmed for all to watch.

His parents enthusiastically approve. Such extremes in child behavior usually have a baseline in whatever’s going on with the parents.

Parents are often losing it -- losing touch with virtue, discernment and reality, that is, and the responsibility that comes with parenting, a precious stewardship entrusted to us by God over His small, vulnerable human creatures.

We are too often, messing this up badly.

So are governments. Canada just passed a law where parents can lose custody of a child if they do not approve of that child’s gender identity delusions.

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Ohio, Call Your State Representatives Now!

Say 'NO" to legal homosexual bullying -- House Bill 160

Do you think those who identify as homosexual or who are gender confused should be handed a tool that allows legal bullying of Christians and conservatives?

Then please urge your Ohio House representative to vote NO on House Bill 160.

It's another "non-discrimination" bill on "sexual orientation" and "gender identity." It would cover housing, employment and public accommodations in Ohio. This means, honor these behaviors or get fined, fired or sued.

This bill is currently in the Ohio House of Representatives’ Government Accountability and Oversight Committee, where there has been one hearing. Call your own rep and also, call these committee members and ask them to vote against this bill, to not let it pass out of this committee. The GOP members are Chairman Lou Blessing; Bill Reineke , Keith Faber, Tim Ginter, Dave Greenspan, Robert McColley, Dorothy Pelanda, Bill Seitz, and Ryan Smith.

Act now! You can find contact information at this web site: www.ohiohouse.gov  


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