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Ron Hood is My Pick for Ohio 15th Congressional Race

Linda Harvey

Ron Hood with John and Diane Stover of Ohio Value Voters and me.

Ron Hood is such a reliable, courageous conservative leader. I've known him for many years. He bravely shepherded numerous tough bills through the Ohio House during his four terms, including the Heartbeat Bill. Ron would make a great congressional representative for the Ohio 15th district.

Ron is endorsed by Ohio Value Voters, Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, Senator Rand Paul and many other groups and individuals.

For more information,
go HERE.

Drag Queen Brings Controversy to Rocky River (OH) Library

Mission America report

This "drag queen" displays political sympathies on FB page banner photo

Do you get weary of “LGBTQ” deception?

The video below is a unique portrayal of two viewpoints. Background: a “drag queen” named Sassy Sascha hosted a Zoom story time for children on June 17 at the Rocky River public library. Some concerned citizens protested outside.

Sassy Sascha posted on social media that she was accosted on the way to her car:
“Thank you to the RR Police for your protection and keeping the 45ish protesters that showed up at bay. I especially would like to thank the ladies that came to show support and put their own bodies between me and the protesters trying to approach me while being escorted to my car ...I was bawling on the way home thinking of you….”

Rocky River citizens say their protest was peaceful, that police affirmed there was no attempt to “accost” the “drag queen.”

Listen to the two sides at the Rocky River Library board meeting.

Who is lying? Having dealt with the exaggerations and manipulations of “LGBTQ” folks for years, I know which side gets my vote.

Watch Video

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