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Rebels in Training at School Sex Clubs

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Ohio teens to be taught that it's "racist" to question abortion?

Why are public schools in America hosting clubs that teach kids to hate the police?

This insidious indoctrination is often embraced under the unlikely umbrella of sexuality education or “LGBTQ equality.” Federal funding backs up some of this anti-American teaching...

Training in street activism and civic rebellion is the newest theme of homosexual clubs, or “GSAs” as they are often called, even online. For twenty years, I have joined many other concerned parents and family advocates to warn about the corruption embedded in these clubs. The damage they’ve done to individual children’s lives is devasting and will not be fully known until all is revealed in eternity.

Yet there’s already ample evidence that “gay-straight alliance” or “genders and sexualities alliance” school clubs not only magnify peer pressure to initiate high risk behaviors, but they lead students into hatred of their own anatomy as well as hatred of their parents and heritage. It’s now evolving into hatred of America, hatred of law enforcement, and ultimately, hatred of Christianity.

And the adults advising these clubs are often highly compromised as well. Former Minnesota teacher Jefferson Fietek’s recent arrest is a horrifying example of corrupt, child-endangering leadership. We will explore the Fietek story later.

The national GSA Network coordinating middle and high school homosexual clubs throughout the U.S. featured a recent page, “LGBTQ Youth of Color Need Police- Free Schools,” because “GSA Network is convinced that removing all police presence in schools is a critical step to dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline.”
Oh, now we get it. If the police leave, there will be no juvenile crime! Why haven’t schools done this before?

ARTICLE continues

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Tell Ohio Educators, Keep Free Speech and Authentic History

Columbus statue removed at Columbus City Hall. This is INSANE.

The Ohio State Board of Education recently passed a resolution which is more than disturbing. They are going to evaluate Ohio schools for bias, hate speech, white privilege and white supremacy. What could go wrong???

The conservatives tried to talk reason into the liberals on the board, but they got nowhere. Read about the whole process HERE..

We are VERY concerned because so many leaders in education are fully on board with radical agendas, including the head of the Ohio Department of Education, Paulo DeMaria.

He has expressed support for the bogus "1619 Project" which trashes the founders of America and attributes most of their actions to greed and a desire to preserve slavery. This would be laughable, but these people are serious. It's a false and unsupportable history revision, but our "Republican" leadership seems to be going along with a truth-free educational climate in Ohio!

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Linda Harvey speaking at the closing of the Founders abortion clinic

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